1. Make an attainable resolution, shooting for the stars is great but don’t make a goal that’s impossible to reach in one year. If it’s a long-term goal split it up into parts and achieve one at a time. 
2. Write out your reasons for choosing and achieving each resolution. When you feel yourself slipping you can read through your list and stay on track. 
3. Write about your progress, maybe choose a forum or start a Facebook group or blog for your goal so it’s more public to help your motivation or keep it to yourself with a journal. Putting your words down each day or week or month can help your accountability, help track your progress and give you something to reflect on when your goal is obtained or the end of the year is reached. 
4. Get excited about your goal. Break your resolution/goal down and get motivated about each step. For example, If it’s fitness related break your goal down to each workout and maybe try a new class or gym when you feel unmotivated or things are getting stale. 
5. Envision your success!! Think about obtaining your resolution and what it will mean for your life. Visualize this whenever you feel yourself slipping away from success. 
6. Reward yourself for keeping on track. Obviously, if your goal is to lose weight don’t reward yourself so much you digress or stay the same but maybe choose something like a night out or a little getaway.