IFBB Pro and MPA Sponsored Natalia Abraham Coelho utilizes body work on a regular basis as part of her prep and here's why:
 How often do you guys get treatment? Too many athletes don’t realize the importance of getting these sessions done often; don’t understand that prevention is the key for a successful and long career in any sport they choose to do. Especially in Bodybuilding, maintaining our muscles lose, improving mobility, blood flow, preventing injuries, muscle tenderness and decreasing inflammation (from the stress we put in our bodies by training more than what our bodies what “made” for), plus some of these techniques help to keep balance and improve symmetry- which is EXTREMELY important in Bodybuilding. -
 Last nights treatment was focused on mobilization of the scapula and glenohumeral joint. The shoulder girdle is composed of various muscles that can lead to impingement and decreased mobility. Manual therapy can help to relieve myofascial restrictions and improve movement. Thanks Sara B. for having “my back”!😙❤️