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This recipe is a great option for those dieting and wanting something out of the “norm,” that won’t blow your diet. 

Whole Foods has fat-free tortillas which is imperative. I believe Sprouts Market carries a low-fat tortilla that is 1g fat per serving too.

  • Whole Foods or Sprouts Market carries Fat-Free cheese made by Lifetime brand. It comes in squares and is the best tasting fat-free cheese I have come across.
  • Fat free sour cream -- Walmart’s house brand “Great Value” has Fat-Free version.
  • Diced black olives (optional)
  • Organic black beans (optional)
  • Any rice (optional)
  • Diced green chiles (optional)
  • Chicken/Shrimp/Lean Pork

You can cook your protein of choice a variety of ways:

-Crock pot (great for shredding chicken and pork)

-Grill (Good for shrimp/seafood)

-Pan saute

Note: I like to put my tortilla in the sauce pan and brown them and crisp them before making my tacos.

Approximate Macros Totals:       Calories / Protein / Carbs / Fat

1 Fat Free Tortilla                                 110           4          23        0

2 TBSP Fat Free Sour Cream                20           4           1         0

1c Black Beans                                    110            7           22       0.5

2 TBSP green chiles                                5            0           1         0

3 oz chicken breast                              102           19          0         2



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