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When someone asks me how to improve body I always start with the basics. The concept applies to anything. Before we can add the cool things like drop sets, rest pauses, forced negatives we have to make sure the execution is on point.
Basically walk before you run.
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First you want to make sure you have full control of your scapula. When we’re doing pressing movements your shoulder blades should remain pinched and down throughout the set. Just because the set gets hard doesn’t mean you throw out everything you’ve learned. @michaelaaycock Is a master at keeping each rep perfect even when the pain comes.
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We’re BB’s not weightlifters. One of Kai Greene’s famous quotes. It’s not about getting a weight from point A to Point B. It’s about working that muscle through its OWN range of motion.
Lastly I believe understanding the function of a muscle and visualizing how it works can be very beneficial. The chest move the upper arm across the body. So when pressing don’t think up think about jamming that upper arm into your chest.
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