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IFBB Women's Physique Pro Natalia Coelho

IFBB Womens Physique Pro Natalia Coelho
Name: Natalia Abraham Coelho
Age: 22 years
Hometown: Rio de Janeiro(Brazil)
Type Of Athlete: Women’s Physique PRO 
Previous Sports/Exercise: Muay Thai, Kickboxing, soccer... Played many sports when younger.
Job: Student/ Personal trainer/ Bodybuilder Coach/ Sports nutritionist/ Med Assistant 
Studying in school: AA- Nutrition; Bachelor- double major:Sports and Exercise Science w Pre Med background and Kinesiology  Masters-to be decided. 
Favorite Exercise: Everything that brings me results.
Favorite Food: anything that will get me closer to my goals. When coach lets me, I have my fillet and baked potatoes. Not a fan of cheat meals/junkie.
Least Favorite Food: I eat whatever I have to. 
A piece of Advice: Embrace the pain, work in your mindset as much as you work on your physique, and stay consistent because if you do, I guarantee you will reach all your goals. 
Favorite MPA Supplement: Tough to choose only one! Isopoofs and Vasoburn.
A sample day of Eating: Changes very often. Potatoes, oats, rice cakes, jasmine rice are main sources of carbs; Lean protein (chicken breast, turkey, fish, eggs, lean red meat) and lot of veggies. 2gal water per day.
Workout Schedule: Changes often depending on muscle group that I feel needs more attention. Currently doing upper back and shoulders 2x/week, legs 2x/week (emphasizing quads one day, hammies and glutes the other), everything else once a week.
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